Digital Security and how it affects you

What: Digital security

Where: PLNT, Langegracht 70, 2312NV, Leiden

When: March 28, 17:00 walk-in

Price: Free, including drinks and dinner

On March 28 Gulliver will organize an event around Digital Security. In several short keynotes we will discuss the modern day security threads. With examples and experiments we will show how vulnerable we are to cyber attacks.

We discuss the ins and outs of digital security. We approach the topic from different angles such as legal or practical. You will learn what to keep in mind for your organization with regard to digital security. 

Questions like, how does information leak out of the organization? What are the digital risks I’m facing? How do I protect my organization from cybercrime? and How can someone hack my computer will be addressed. Furthermore, we will discuss the work conducted by the Dutch anti-cybercrime office. How did they infiltrate on the darkweb and eventually dismantle Hansamarket?

Be prepared for some live demonstration of our digitial vulnerability.


  • Martijn Egberts – Dutch national cybercrime prosecutor
  • Bas Doorn – Cyber crime expert and founder of Keyn
  • Paul Bonnemaijer – Consultant Privacy & Data Protection
  • To be announced