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Will your start-up be crowned
champion of this year's competition?

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Every year, the Gulliver foundation is excited to organize our Annual Entrepreneurship competition and this year is no different!

Our belief is that new business creators and inventive people need a helping hand to allow their business to take off and we have just the right environment to make that happen for you

At Gulliver we believe there are three critical factors for the success of a new enterprise:
  • Meeting and speaking to right people
  • Gathering and processing valuable feedback
  • Attracting the right amount of funding
Are you a promising, up-and-coming entrepreneur with a brilliant idea?
Put it to the test in our annual competition!
What can you expect from us throughout the process:
  • A chance to receive feedback and scrutiny from successful entrepreneurs, business professionals and event attendees
  • A way into our network of partners, ex-competitors and winners as well as other stakeholders who can help you on your journey
  • Multiple events and training to help you develop skills necessary to effectively run and pitch your business idea
  • The chance to win €10.000,- cash prize to develop your new enterprise

Don’t miss out! We always look forward to bringing together all the best and brightest entrepreneurial minds for our Grande Finale in 2024. We hope to see you there!

Set Goals

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin. At Gulliver we believe that setting goals is important and therefore participating in the Gulliver competition starts with setting your personal goals for your enterprise.

Build Your Enterprise

The three most important factors for building your new enterprise are speaking to the right people, gathering the right feedback and attracting the right amount of funding. During the second phase of the competition we help you to do exactly that. Gulliver is not a school where we teach you how to build your company, but Gulliver is your gateway to all the information, network and resources you need.

Win €10.000,-

Money is an important resource often missing in start-ups. Gulliver therefore grants the most promising new enterprise of the year a cash prize of €10.000,-! Gulliver is about progress, joining the competition early on and building your enterprise with the use of our network therefore ensures that the judges can see your progress and will improve your chances of winning the grand prize.

Join the competition

Contestants must fulfil certain criteria to be eligible:

  • You have the aspiration to make a successful business, a sound plan of how to deliver results and the work-ethic to drive a real impact in your industry
  • The business must have a sufficiently innovative idea, business model or technology driving it
  • The founding team must have at least team members aged under 35
  • Founding teams must be based in South Holland
  • Although not necessary to participate – winners will need a business bank account and a COC-number in order to receive the prize

The submission for 2023 will open on 10-10-2023. 

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