Will you be crowned champion of
this year’s start up competition?

We believe there are three critical factors for the
success of a new enterprise:

A chance to receive feedback and scrutiny from successful entrepreneurs, business professionals and event attendees

A way into our network of partners, ex-competitors and winners as well as other stakeholders who can help you on your journey

Multiple events and trainings to help you develop skills necessary to effectively run and pitch your business idea

The chance to win €10.000,- cash prize to develop your new enterprise

Don’t miss out!

We always look forward to bringing together all the best and
brightest entrepreneurial minds for our Grande Finale in 2024.
We hope to see you there!

Set Goals

At Gulliver we believe that setting goals is important and therefore participating in the Gulliver competition
begins with setting your personal goals for your enterprise.

Build Your Enterprise

The three most important factors for building your new enterprise are speaking to the right people,
gathering the right feedback and attracting the right amount of funding.
During the second phase of the competition we help you to do exactly that.

Gulliver is not a school where we teach you how to build your company, but a gateway to all the information, network and resources you need.

Win €10.000,-

Money is an important resource often missing in start-ups. Gulliver therefore grants the most promising new enterprise of the year a cash prize of €10.000,-!
We’re committed to helping you make progress.

We are also proud to once again be working together with BioPartner Leiden.
To foster more innovation in their sector, they will be offering an additional €2,500- cash prize for the best Life Science and Health start-up
of the competition

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