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Lastly, we sat down with Niels Uiterdijk and Dion Verhoog, the team driving change with Onescnd, to understand more about their mission and ambition for their company:What is Onescnd?Onescnd is a calling system for restaurants. How it works is, there is a button you can press which sends a signal to the waiter/waitresses’ smart watch, and this signal tells them which table has made a service request. We are now developing a data management system, so that you can see

Next, we sat down with Arian Khoshchin, the brains behind Bonnie, and discovered a bit more about what he is looking to make a reality:What is Bonnie?Bonnie is a new technical solution that aims to get rid of paper receipts.What inspired you to work on this?I came back from a business travel from the US and I probably had around 40 receipts that I had to manually take pictures of [for reimbursement]. While there are a lot of apps which

Every year, Gulliver hosts a competition for student entrepreneurial ventures with the aim to support them financially with a 10,000 euro cash prize. As part of the preparation for the final on 20th of June, we sat down in a series of interviews to understand a bit more about each of our three finalists, ShareDnD, Bonnie and Onescnd, and to give them a chance to share more about their amazing work. First off, we sat down with Nick Plokkaar, one of the

Last month the Gulliver competition 2019 has begun. A total of 21 teams with a broad range of ideas handed in their one-pagers. The teams have been working on their business plans and attended a pitch training by Jonathon Talbott to prepare for the semi final.On may 23th the semi-finals will take place. We have a total of 13 teams left who will pitch their ideas in strictly three minutes. They have to convince the jury that they deserve €10.000.

Gulliver was founded to help students and adolescents kickstart their venture. One of the things we do is our competition. On June 20th the final contestants will pitch their ideas in front of an objective jury.Together with the participants and experienced entrepreneurs we will make sure it is going to be an informative and fun night.var exampleCallback = function() { console.log('Order complete!'); };

Sera Novo, one of our previous competition winners is really working hard on their new platform of medicine formulation. They recently acquired a €300.000 investment from UNIIQ. Sera Novo’s technology enables a new way of dissolving medicines and thereby enhances the chance of positive effect to the patient.Medicines that did not have a positive effect to the patient in another dissolvent can now be really valuable. This opens up a wide range of medicines that could be further developed using

What: Digital securityWhere: PLNT, Langegracht 70, 2312NV, LeidenWhen: March 28, 17:00 walk-inPrice: Free, including drinks and dinnerOn March 28 Gulliver will organize an event around Digital Security. In several short keynotes we will discuss the modern day security threads. With examples and experiments we will show how vulnerable we are to cyber attacks.We discuss the ins and outs of digital security. We approach the topic from different angles such as legal or practical. You will learn what to keep in

On January 31 Joris Castermans and Susanne de Nooijer discussed their stories about switching. Joris shared his personal story and drive of becoming part of a big corporate. After being part of KPN he realized that corporate life is not completely how he imagined it. Joris switched to entrepreneurship and started with a rather safe freelance opportunity. That position provided him with the necessary inspiration, contacts and freedom to work on his new start-up concerning speech technology called Whissp.Susanne shared

What: Stories about Switching Where: PLNT, Langegracht 70, 2312NV, Leiden When: 31st January 2019, 17:30 On January 31 Gulliver organizes a new edition of 'Stories about'. This time we will discuss what it means to switch between entrepreneurship and employment in both directions. On the one hand it raises questions like: what does it mean to give up your (successful) job and start your own business, what are the drivers to do so, and how did it work out? On the other hand,