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Wondering whether, why and how you should join start-up competitions?Tuesday December 3rd, student start-up competitions PHIA (Philips Innovation Award) and Gulliver, along with ELF (the Enterprise Leiden Fund) will be introducing themselves through ex-participants that got a big boost by receiving both funding, exposure and loads of feedback by ‘joining the circus’.Those who did will tellTensail, Bonnie, Levels Diagnostics, and Polariks will share their experiences with start-up competitions (and also further challenges they did overcome).For WhomDo you have a start-up, or are you working on

Gulliver Leiden is looking for enthusiastic students who would like to help us in running the foundation. Gulliver is a foundation that aims to support young entrepreneurship. We do so by organizing events around entrepreneurship related topics, by organizing a yearly start-up competition, and by creating a network of young entrepreneurs.For January 2020, we are looking for students with an entrepreneurial mindset who would like help us to achieve our goals. You will get the freedom to run your own

On September 26th we will be hosting a new ‘stories about’ edition. Experienced entrepreneurs will discuss how they got the appropriate funding for their ideas, how they survived the valley of death, and how they managed to set the proper timelines. We will also invite the other side of the table, and let investors discuss their strategies.Our "stories abouts" give room for discussion. We try to enhance the interaction between entrepreneurs and give the audience the opportunity to interact with

Every year, the Gulliver Competition sees a whole host of student start-ups chasing an opportunity to win 10,000 euros for their businesses. This year alone, we’ve seen ambitious entrepreneurs reveal innovative ideas and solution that span across many industries and specialities.In this series of blogposts named ‘Voyage Destinations’, we will explore some of the key trends currently being addressed by start-ups both in our competition and the wider entrepreneurship world.Today we dive into the concept of the Circular Economy, one of

Lastly, we sat down with Niels Uiterdijk and Dion Verhoog, the team driving change with Onescnd, to understand more about their mission and ambition for their company:What is Onescnd?Onescnd is a calling system for restaurants. How it works is, there is a button you can press which sends a signal to the waiter/waitresses’ smart watch, and this signal tells them which table has made a service request. We are now developing a data management system, so that you can see

Next, we sat down with Arian Khoshchin, the brains behind Bonnie, and discovered a bit more about what he is looking to make a reality:What is Bonnie?Bonnie is a new technical solution that aims to get rid of paper receipts.What inspired you to work on this?I came back from a business travel from the US and I probably had around 40 receipts that I had to manually take pictures of [for reimbursement]. While there are a lot of apps which

Every year, Gulliver hosts a competition for student entrepreneurial ventures with the aim to support them financially with a 10,000 euro cash prize. As part of the preparation for the final on 20th of June, we sat down in a series of interviews to understand a bit more about each of our three finalists, ShareDnD, Bonnie and Onescnd, and to give them a chance to share more about their amazing work. First off, we sat down with Nick Plokkaar, one of the

Last month the Gulliver competition 2019 has begun. A total of 21 teams with a broad range of ideas handed in their one-pagers. The teams have been working on their business plans and attended a pitch training by Jonathon Talbott to prepare for the semi final.On may 23th the semi-finals will take place. We have a total of 13 teams left who will pitch their ideas in strictly three minutes. They have to convince the jury that they deserve €10.000.

Gulliver was founded to help students and adolescents kickstart their venture. One of the things we do is our competition. On June 20th the final contestants will pitch their ideas in front of an objective jury.Together with the participants and experienced entrepreneurs we will make sure it is going to be an informative and fun night.var exampleCallback = function() { console.log('Order complete!'); };