February 2021

Would you like to expand your network, organize events, and give away €10.000? Gulliver is looking for you.


Currently we are looking for young, entrepreneurial minded people for the following positions; Social Media and PR, you are the backbone of Gulliver, you responsible for bringing new fans to our events and search out new potential competitors. Events, are you creative and always up for a challenge? You are in charge of designing new event formats and optimizing the current ones, you will also take the lead of the fellow board members when nearing an event in order to make sure everything goes as planned.

Partners and sponsors, you are in charge of communication with existing partners and sponsors, when needed you will take lead of the acquisition of new sponsorships and are on the lookout for new potential partners. The communication with the existing partners is very important since they are the sole reason we still exist today, you will however broaden your network significantly throughout the year.


The only thing that is constant is the yearly competition in which we award €10.000 to the best entrepreneur,  but everything else is all up to you! However, we do generally aim for upwards of 5 events a year, which range for seminars to workshops.


Due to the COVID situation nothing in this current climate is certain, so the only thing we do know is that you will be with us for around a year.

Two weekly-meetings

Every week you will have a space in PLNT to brainstorm and work on other things with your fellow board members where you will be spending as many hours as you like. Every other week you will be having meetings with other Gulliver members who are experienced entrepreneurs. These other members will act as coaches and can help you wherever needed.

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